'Tech neck' pain epidemic striking people of all ages

Do you ever experience an achy sore neck or back while sitting at your desk, or while using your mobile device?

If so, you are part of an electronic epidemic of pain. 

There's a name for it. It's called “tech neck,” and it's not just happening to the youngsters but people of all ages.

Walking and texting, or looking down at your computer or iPad for hours at a time can literally be a pain in the neck and it's a real condition that's been coined “tech neck.”

Doctors say it’s a growing epidemic that is striking people of all ages from millennials to baby boomers.

What's happening is as we look down at our phones or computers, we tend to hunch our shoulders forward along with our necks. That can add an extra 60 pounds of weight to the neck. It's that bad posture that puts strain on the entire upper body. The result over time with this repetitive activity is bulging disc, nerve compression, burning and tingling sensation down your arms.

It can event affect your breathing and for people with chronic allergies, bad posture can make it worse by aggravating sinus infections and asthma.

So what should we do? For one, doctors say take breaks from technology.

Paying attention to your posture today could mean avoiding surgery and chronic neck and back pain in the future.

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