Chicago Park District pool infested with roaches

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Here’s a little known fact: cockroaches can swim. However, chances are you wouldn't want to be sharing a pool with them.

But that's what's happening at one Chicago Park District pool on the near South Side. We’re talking about the Fosco Park pool in the University Village-Little Italy neighborhood, and parents say they've had enough.

The swimming pool at Fosco Park is an Olympic-sized indoor pool, and is one of the newest indoor pools built and run by the Chicago Park District, attracting swimmers from all over the city.

But it's also attracting something else.

"We see roaches on a daily basis coming out of the walls, coming out of the chairs,” said swim mom Santy Lopez.

A group of swim moms say there's a major infestation of cockroaches in the areas around the pool, including the locker rooms, and they have the pictures and video to prove it.

"I honestly didn't know it was so problematic until I had taken one of the chairs to sit in and was cautioned not to because a slew of roaches had just fallen from the chair onto the ground,” said mother Samara Crudup.

That’s right, they have to slam the roaches off their chairs before they sit in them, and the roaches are also frequently hitching a ride home.

"I don't allow them to take their bags in the locker room,” Lopez said.

"Sometimes if the bags go home sometimes a roach coming out and finding them in their homes, yeah,” said mother Kitty Hooper.

They say the aquatic staff has done all they can to clean the areas around the pool, but it appears the infestation is in the walls.

"I think the whole place needs to be fumigated, not just the pool area,” Lopez said. "Just frustrated that our kids are exposed to this, and not only that, it's a health hazard for them."

A spokesperson for the park district says they're aware and concerned about the roach problem: "We have engaged a pest control firm which has applied multiple treatments over the past few weeks. The final step, "fogging" the area, is scheduled, but must be done with consideration of the young children that occupy the building. We expect this issue to be resolved soon."

"Our son loves it here. We're committed to the aquatics program. We're committed to his teammates,” Hooper added.

The park district spokesperson says because there are day care facilities at the park, they will need to close the building for at least a day when the pesticide is sprayed. That should happen within the next few weeks.

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