Trump campaigns in Wisconsin Tuesday night: 'We need law and order'

- Donald Trump campaigned Tuesday night in suburban Milwaukee, a city still reeling from last weekend's riots.

Trump says he'd bring law & order to neighborhoods across America that are plagued by violence. He was speaking Tuesday night in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Trump denounced generations of Democratic Party policies that he says have created a mess in Milwaukee and other cities, and he strongly defended the police officer whose killing of an armed man was the occasion for last weekend's violent riots.

“If you believe a gun was pointed at his head, ready to be fired, what is a person supposed to do? Is he supposed to talk him out of it? So, I would think so, we'll find out, because they have a tape, as I understand. But the gun was pointed at his head, supposedly ready to be fired. I think that, who can have a problem with that?  Now that's what the narrative is, maybe it's not true.  If it is true, people shouldn't be rioting,” Trump said.

Trump's trip to Milwaukee was planned before the riots erupted in the wake of an African-American police officer shooting an armed African-American man. He's dubbed himself the law and order candidate, promising repeatedly in recent weeks to crack down on violent criminals on the very first day he takes office.

"We have our police who do a phenomenal job and in this case a gun was pointed at his head, I guess, and I assume the tapes are going to be revealed at some point, and can sometimes be a very good thing.  But we need law and order in our country, I mean, when you see policemen all over the country being shot, look, we have whether it's immigration, illegal immigration,  whether it's people coming in from Syria, whether what's happening in Milwaukee, and other places, I mean you take a look at  Ferguson and St Louis, take a look at all of these different places,  Baltimore I guess being the one example of the last couple of years, we need law and order,” Trump said.

Trump told a reporter for a TV station in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, that he didn't want to "pivot," to change his campaign style. But it appears he is. He's been notably more restrained on Twitter and Facebook, and Trump's first TV ads will soon be on the air in 4 to 5 battleground states.

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