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Strongest storm since October 2014 hitting Chicago

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Stories by Bill Bellis

  • Rainfall record broken Thursday around Chicago & NE Illinois

  • BELLIS BLOG: Winter update for the Chicago area

  • BELLIS BLOG: Summer dry spell continues

  • Severe thunderstorms bear down on Chicago area

  • May has been a weather roller coaster

Stories by Tammie Souza

  • 84263554@N00 | Flickr

    Is climate change the reason for Chicago's record winter warmth?

  • Chicago headed toward record warm and snowless February

  • The great Chicago blizzard of 1967: 50 years later

  • Late Season Hurricane "Otto" Forms in the Atlantic; Might Become "Tina"

  • What were you doing 1 year ago today? Here's a hint: SNOW STORM

Stories by Mark Strehl

  • Rainfall record broken Thursday around Chicago & NE Illinois

  • FOX 32's Mark Strehl returns to hometown of Ottawa after deadly tornado outbreak

  • WATCH: Chicagoans try to pronounce the word 'paczki'

  • Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil 'predicts' early spring

  • Holiday Helpings: Making cauliflower gratinata with Chef Joe Absolor


Posted: Nov 23 2017 12:13AM CST

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  • Hugo Mejia left his San Rafael home for work on May 3 and didn't come back. On Tuesday, an immigration judge ordered his release. He is undocumented and was detained by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) six months ago. 

    Holiday homecoming

  • FOX 32's Sylvia Perez reports...

    How to shop safely online this holiday season

  • FOX 32's Political Editor Mike Flannery reports...

    Mayor Harold Washington remembered for charm, impact nearly 30 years after death

  • FOX 32's Anita Padilla reports...

    Be on the lookout for scams on Cyber Monday

  • FOX 32's Elizabeth Matthews reports...

    Indiana high school teacher arrested after students report 'shocking' video

  • FOX 26 News Reporter Damali Keith

    Houston man suing the city for the right to feed the homeless

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