Chicago-area police chief fired after sex video charges

Christian Daigre | Chicago police

A suburban Chicago park district has fired its police chief more than a month after being accused of taking video of sexual encounters with women and posting them on social media without their consent.

The Chicago Heights Park District's action against 41-year-old Christian Daigre follows his suspension as chief after he was charged in late October with non-consensual dissemination of a private sexual image and intimidation.

District superintendent Frank Perez said Monday that Daigre's conduct would hamper his ability to act as police chief.

Daigre has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Defense attorney Todd Pugh says the allegations are a former co-worker's attempt to discredit Daigre.

Prosecutors allege Daigre recorded the sexual encounters with a camera in a bedroom ceiling in an apartment in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood.