Police search for woman who told store employee she'd been kidnapped just before man dragged her out

Dolton police are working with the FBI to locate an injured woman who came into a store to say she'd been kidnapped - right before a man came in and dragged her away.

Police said the woman entered AutoZone, 844 E. Sibley Blvd., on Sunday around 5 p.m. and approached the cashier.

The woman told the cashier she had met a guy on an app and he was not letting her go.


The cashier told police the woman was clearly injured, with bruises on her neck and arms, and a bandage on her right hand that was wet with blood.

Soon after, a man came in and told the woman "that was enough." He grabbed her, dragged her out to a vehicle, and drove off westbound on Sibley.

Police said the man was Black, wearing a black jogging outfit, and green shoes with no laces.