Lawsuit alleges Chicago police officers beat confession out of 15-year-old boy

A federal lawsuit alleges deceased former Chicago police Cmdr. Jon Burge beat a 15-year-old and held him for hours without food or water until he falsely confessed to acting as a lookout in a 1991 murder.

A Cook County special prosecutor last year threw out the charges against 42-year-old Anthony Jakes after a commission found evidence detectives Kenneth Boudreau and Michael Kill tortured Jakes to coerce a confession. The lawsuit names the city of Chicago, Boudreau, the estate of Kill and other officers as defendants. City officials had no comment on the lawsuit. Boudreau, reached by telephone, denied any wrongdoing.

Burge and detectives who worked under him have been accused of torturing confessions out of more than 100 suspects.

Burge was convicted of lying about the torture in 2010 and served a prison term. He died in September at age 70.

Burge's alleged criminality has cost the city of Chicago more than $100 million in jury awards, settlements and legal fees.