Fall vegetable dishes with Bar Biscay

Now that fall is here, there is a whole new garden of vegetables to turn into delicious meals. Sari Worsham, co-owner of Bar Biscay, a Spanish brasserie in West Town shows how to make one of their popular vegetarian dishes.

Nestle's new luxury KitKat will cost $17

Nestle is launching a luxury, bespoke KitKat through its KitKat Chocolatory, which will first open as a pop-up in 30 stores across the U.K., before it will become available through the chocolate company’s new online shop.

German court rules hangovers are an 'illness'

In a ruling booze drinkers will appreciate, a German court has determined that a hangover is an illness in a case against the maker of a food supplement marketed as an "anti-hangover drink."