4 ways to save on wireless service for 2021

Wireless carriers are competing for your dollar like never before. Because a good deal always travels with fine print, it's important to scrutinize any offer which promises everything but your own cell tower.

Report: Instagram toxic for young girls

Popular social media sites are proving to be toxic for young girls, according to a report. Dr. Tali Raviv, a psychologist at Lurie Children's Hospital weighs in on the topic.

Apple releases emergency software update to fix security flaw

Apple released an emergency security software patch to fix a vulnerability that an internet watchdog group says allowed spyware from the world’s most infamous hacker-for-hire firm, NSO Group, to infect the iPhone of a Saudi activist without any user interaction.

Netflix reality competition 'The Circle' returns for a new season

The Netflix reality competition follows a group of strangers, all isolated individually, who can only communicate with each other through a social media platform called "The Circle" – and because of this, they can lie, cheat and ‘catfish’ their way into victory.