1st and North: Bears beat the Panthers, take on the Lions next week

Chicago's win over the Carolina Panthers with a score of 16-13 not only elevated the Bears' chances for a top draft pick but also delivered the anticipated drama in the prime-time clash. Despite both teams being among the NFL's lower five, the game lived up to its expectations. Although Chicago (3-7) found themselves in a challenging spot, they managed to make the necessary plays to secure the victory.

1st and North: Bears fall to 2-6, so now what?

In this week's episode of 1st and North, all four NFC North teams were active at the trade deadline. The Lions continue to roar, the Vikings make moves following Cousins' season-ending injury, and the Packers and Bears are just trying to stay relevant.

First and North: Bears head into Week 6 with a commanding win

The Bears got their first win of the season last week against the Washington Commanders after not winning a game in 346 days. Now the question is, what can we expect in week 6? FOX 32's Lou Canellis breaks down all the headlines from week 5 and predictions for this week.

First and North: Bears on shaky ground heading into Week 4

The Chicago Bears are coming off one of the toughest weeks in recent memory. FOX 32's Lou Canellis breaks down all the headlines from Week 3 and what needs to change moving forward as a matchup with the Denver Broncos looms in this edition of First and North.