Diversity, equity and inclusion experts sound off on program critiques

Diversity, equity and inclusion policies have become a hot-button issue. And the departure of the White House's first-ever Chief Diversity Officer is only adding to the heated debate. In tonight's Voice of Change, Terrence Lee talked with experts about the backlash. DEI experts say yes, there are several valid critiques of the field, but most are cynical and naive.

BUILD Chicago opens new office in Humboldt Park

BUILD Chicago has spent decades saving lives and mentoring young people who live in the city’s most challenged neighborhoods. Now, it is opening a new office in Humboldt Park, expanding the incredible work they do in the city.

Chicago musician uses legacy of blues to heal

Local musician Brother Jacob uses what he's learned about the power of blues and is spreading it to young people throughout Chicago. He believed we can use blues music to soothe our inner turmoil.

Women excluded in clinical trials leaves treatment geared toward men

Historically, women have been underrepresented in clinical trials. Women make up over half of the population, but they only make up 30 percent of clinical trial patients. This can result in women being overmedicated because drug dosage trials are done on men. It can also lead to a lack of treatment for health issues predominantly found in women.

'Lies About Black People' confronts bigotry

Author and Cross-cultural Communications Professor Omekongo Dibinga says all stereotyping is harmful and it continues to keep people ina disadvantaged status. Ideas that a group of people are a certain way, fuels the bias.

'Straight from the Go' brings back hometown pride

A young woman is taking pride in her city despite negativity she's see toward Chicago. Raven Smith created the brand Straight from the Go, Go being her nickname for Chicago. The organization aims to uplift the city and encourage pride from residents and tourists alike.