Honeybee venom destroyed breast cancer cells, study finds

Venom from honeybees rapidly destroyed triple-negative breast cancer, a type of cancer that has limited treatment options, and HER2-enriched breast cancer cells, according to a study published in the journal npj Precision Oncology.

Lurie hosting annual Cancer Survivors walk virtually

June 7 is National Cancer Survivors Day and because of the pandemic, Lurie's annual Cancer Survivors' Celebration Walk is going virtual. Kanesha Broadwater, patient care coordinator at Northwestern Medicine and cancer survivor herself, joined Good Day with ways you can get in on the fun.

105-year-old cancer survivor, great-grandmother beats COVID-19

She was born Marie Turri in New Jersey six weeks before WWI. She married Anthony Ferise in 1935, owned a hotel in Deerfield Beach until 1976, had two children, five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Her husband died in 1993. She survived cancer 10 years ago.