Chance the Rapper cooks, serves food for CPS students

On Tuesday, Chance the Rapper was at a brand new Michigan Avenue restaurant. He has teamed up with "Nando's" to raise money for his non-profit.

That non-profit recently pledged more than 2 million dollars to fund music and arts education at Chicago Public Schools.

No one has been more passionate about helping Chicago Public Schools than Chance the Rapper. At the restaurant, the Chicago native was cooking and serving food to help underserved students at CPS.

"If it involves cooking and helping the kids, I’m down” Chance the Rapper said.

"It’s wonderful and I'm glad he's taking such a stance too. I feel like he's really bringing Chicago together,” said Mercedes Zapata.

The Chicago native's non-profit, Social Works AHS, raised over 2 million for arts and education programs to schools facing stiff budget challenges. Chance wants to help give those students a level playing field.

"Equity is the most important thing in America. The ability to have access to everything,” Chance said. "It's important we all have access"

FOX 32 asked Chance if he wanted to try and get an audience with Governor Rauner. He just told us "I don't talk about the governor."

Nando's will donate part of their profits to Chance's foundation through Thursday.