Chicago moms with strollers march against sexual assault

Moms in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood are fighting back and using strollers in a show of strength. A “Walk Strong” march was held Thursday night in response to recent sexual assaults against women.

Joceyln Costlow was pushing her son in a stroller in August when she was attacked.

“The man came up behind me and grabbed underneath my dress underneath my underwear and then ran away," said Costlow.

Last month a string of incidents caught neighbors off guard. The crimes involved female victims, two of which were pushing strollers.

Between 10:30 and 11am on September 14th three attacks occurred in the Lincoln Square and Ravenswood neighborhoods. The suspect approached from behind while riding a bicycle, inappropriately touched the victims and then rode off.

“I didn't want to keep re-experiencing the negative emotions that went along with it, so I decided to do something positive with it rather than focus on the negative,” said Costlow, so she started "Walk Strong" marches to let her neighbors know what's happening.

There is a community-wide CAPS meeting on Thursday October 26th at the Amundsen high school. Police said no one is in custody for these attacks.