Chicago named Restaurant City of the Year

Dining room at Elske. (Lou Stejskal/Flickr)

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Bon Appetit magazine has named Chicago Restaurant City of the Year.

The publication has been crowning U.S. cities since 2015, with Washington D.C. receiving top honors last year and San Francisco in 2015. 

"(The award) really gives you a sense of where the most excitement and innovation and up-and-coming talent is concentrated," Bon Appetit’s Senior Projects Editor Julia Kramer told the Chicago Tribune. "It was so obvious to me that this year, it's Chicago. I was just blown away; every time I visited, there were another half-dozen places I couldn't wait to check out."

Kramer rates the city citing eight different reasons why Chicago was selected, mentioning restaurants like Giant, Lula Café, and Smyth. 

Next week, the magazine will announce the 10 winners for the annual ‘Best New Restaurants in America’ feature, with more than one Chicago location rumored to be included.