Chicago officials re-examining security for marathon after Vegas massacre

The massacre in Las Vegas has Chicago official’s re-examining security for large upcoming events including the marathon this Sunday

As for security measures in Grant Park, so far it's just a metal fencing along the perimeter. But more fencing, barricades and salt trucks will be put in place later this week

Then, Chicago police will empty the marathon grounds and do a security sweep on Saturday, all in time for Sunday’s event.

The 40th annual Chicago Marathon will draw 40,000 runners, 12,000 volunteers and more than a million spectators.

Keeping those million plus people safe is top priority for race director Carey Pinkowski and city leaders.

"We have some big planning meeting tomorrow so we leave all of those adjustments or any additional resources that will be factored in to the plan to the Chicago Police Dept. and the federal agencies that support us,” Pinkowski said.

Security guards watched over set up Monday afternoon as medical tents and metal fencing were put in place. People that FOX 32 stopped on the lakeshore path say the more security, the better.

"Of course there is a certain level of fear but we can't let things like this stop us from living our everyday lives,” said runner Danyelle Foster.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the city has proven it's capable of providing security for large crowds – case in point – last year's World Series win by the Cubs. He says the city is constantly practicing active shooter drills.

Leaders and organizers are doing all they can to provide peace of mind come Sunday morning.

"We are going to have a great day safe and secure on Sunday October 8th, celebrating the 40th anniversary of this great tradition,” Pinkowski said.

Everyone who comes down to the marathon will go through security. They will be wanded and bags will be searched. The finish line is limited to a ticketed group.