Chicago veteran shot and killed during robbery

A decorated veteran was shot and killed during a robbery over the weekend.

The 60-year-old was on his way to dialysis treatment on the west side when he was confronted.

Robert Sharp, 60, was described by friends around the Hope Manor Apartments where he lived as dapper.

“Everything he stood for was just destroyed in that one moment,” said friend Pete Anderson.

That moment happened Saturday at about 5:45 a.m. Police say sharp was in the 400 block of North Kedzie when someone pointed a revolver at him in a robbery. Sharp then fought back and the robber shot him.

Most mornings, Anderson says he would give Sharp a ride to the ‘L’ stop if he’d seen him out walking. But on Saturday, Anderson was still sleeping.

“It's just a shame, someone live to get that old and serve this country the way he did, the years he served in the Marine Corps,” Anderson said.

“I was like damn, I’m going to miss this guy. I’ve been here like 5 years, and he's been here about the same length of time and he speaks to me every time he sees me,” said friend Robert Hill.

Sharp is remembered for his love of faith, friendship and country.

“He was a preacher -- Jehovah’s witness -- we talked about that,” Anderson said.

Police say the suspect was wearing a white half mask with red on it and carried a chrome plated revolver. They have no suspects and need help finding that person.