Community rallies around nanny after racist letter

A racist letter over a nanny has prompted a neighborhood to fight back.

Two moms in West Town were so outraged by the letter that they have organized a community play date.

The letter is filled with hateful, racist language about a woman who's been in the neighborhood as a nanny for years. Now, neighbors are hoping that love will prevail.

The letter was dropped illegally in the mailbox of a West Town family. It reads - "To whom it may concern, a few Ukrainian village mothers have been discussing an issue that has been harvesting in our community."

The letter goes on to include foul, racist language about the African-American nanny and questions her abilities.

It is signed, “Sincerely, concerned Ukrainian Village moms.”

Ferrai Pickett is the nanny the author is targeting.  

“At first I wanted to take a step back from the neighborhood and nannying and just reflect but then I realized that we have kids that love me and I love them and what would I be showing them if I quit?” Ferrai Pickett said.

One of the parents she works for received the letter, which is one of five neighborhood families she helps.

'I'm not just a nanny, I'm a part of their family, I'm apart of them and they are a part of me so when they see me hurt, they are hurting,” Pickett said.

The moms decided to fight back and by posting the following on Facebook.

"It was very upsetting to all of us and while we were deeply hurt, we also knew that silence was not an option. We had to take action. We took the letter to the police, contacted the alderman and installed security cameras."

The group of moms also decided to bring the community together. They are encouraging everyone to an evening of love and play - a "stand up to hate" play date at a West Town playground.

The playdate will take place on Thursday from 5-8 at the Talcott School playground.

Chicago police say they have received a copy of the letter and are investigating.