Former Evanston high school teacher accused of sexually abusing students

An investigation is underway after shocking claims have surfaced involving a former teacher at a north suburban high school.

The allegations come from former students at Evanston Township High School. Two of those students gave their exclusive TV interviews to FOX 32.

Evanston High School is now officially "off limits" for a former Evanston high school teacher who’s been accused of sexually abusing students there before he retired. The school this week issued a "no trespass" order and contacted Evanston police after a student who we spoke with Friday posted allegations of abuse online.

“I was subjected to his behavior. Groping me, touching my penis, trapping me in small rooms. And this went on for the three years I was there,” one of the victims said.

That former student was one of two who gave their only TV interviews to FOX 32 News. They say the teacher frequently manipulated students into being alone with him and then groped them or asked them to strip naked.

“He would touch me inappropriately,” another victim said. “In my groin area. And so, yah, it was in his office.”

Students that FOX 32 spoke with say they came forward in part because they've witnessed how alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein felt empowered after telling their stories. The mother of one of the teacher's alleged victims says she complained to school officials and was told nothing could be done.

Students that FOX 32 spoke with believe the abuse was widespread.

“There's a lot. And it goes back over years and years and years. And the fact that nobody bothered to stop it is upsetting,” one student said.

Evanston High School officials did not respond to FOX 32’s request for comment. The retired teacher told us by phone, "Obviously this is something cooked up here. It is nonsense.” He added, " I haven't  been charged with anything. I can't imagine I will. It seems like made up stuff and I don't know why."

In past years, a prosecution under a case like this might have been impossible, due to the statute of limitation. But after the Dennis Hastert case, the state passed a new law saying the statute doesn't apply for sex crimes against children.

Evanston police say this is an open investigation and they are taking the allegations seriously.