Hobart police search for answers to possible abduction caught on video

A disturbing video recorded by a home security camera may have captured an abduction in progress in Northwest Indiana. The video has Hobart Police and others worried that something criminal may have happened after a woman bolts from the back seat of this car only to be grabbed by a male passenger who throws her over his shoulder and hauls her back to the vehicle

“I was just pretty much astonished. Because this is a really quiet neighborhood and it just blew me away that something like that was caught on my camera,” said homeowner John Rhynearson.

The incident happened on Feb. 23. Trouble extracting the video from the security system delayed the release until now. Rhynearson says he had just got the new system up and running that afternoon.

“Well it was just dumb luck that I noticed it on there, friend of mine stopped by, I missed him when he came to the door, so he had to stop by again later. I figured I'd show him himself on my new camera system and when I was backing through the history that's what I found,” Rhynearson said.

The incident happened at 40th and Indiana in Hobart, around 5:30pm.

“On the video you'll see the vehicle approach and it's driving south and it's approaching this intersection, the vehicles slows to make a turn and that's when you see the rear seat passenger exit and begin to run,” said Lt. James Gonzales, Hobart Police as he stood in the very spot where it happened.

Police put out a state-wide alert, but there were no missing person reports, abductions or runaways that corresponded to this case. Police say what happened is a mystery.

“Was it just an incorrigible child or was this a domestic or something of that sort. I'm hoping that this incident isn't very serious,” Lt. Gonzales said.

“Hopefully someone will know maybe the people involved, it's hard to see any real details of who they are but just hoping that maybe it would help,” Rhynearson said.

Police were unable to see the vehicle’s license plate or clearly make out what kind it was, but they believe it may have been a Nissan Rogue or similar small SUV or crossover vehicle.  Anyone with information is asked to call Hobart Police at 219-942-1125.