Police say armed man inside suburban church threatened deadly attack

A man who was arrested in a Franklin Park church Monday morning had sent frightening messages regarding his plans for a deadly attack, according to police. They say he was heavily armed and expected to make headlines.

Prosecutors said late Sunday night, James Orwick parked his motorcycle in front of Saint Gertrude’s church in Franklin Park and broke into the building. Police then learned from Orwick's relatives that he had taken pictures inside the church, and sent them out on social medial with some disturbing messages.

“Some of the language in the text message included ‘all set for final shootout,’ ‘I saw Jesus’ and ‘bodies are going to put this story on the map,’” said Eduardo Jaramillo, Assistant State’s Attorney.

Police say they say found Orwick in the church basement with three loaded handguns and a knife. They used a taser to subdue him, but he still resisted and managed to harm two officers with his knife. After his arrest, police say, he elaborated on his plans to kill.

“[He] stated that people were coming after him, that his game plan was to mow people down if they came down for him,” said Jaramillo. 

A public defender representing Orwick told the judge that her client is a rancher in South Dakota, who is married with a young child, and that he has no criminal record. 

Orwick's attorney also said he has no money, and she requested mental health testing. A spokesman for the archdiocese said the man has no affiliation with St. Gertrude Parish. 

The judge set bond at $3 million and Orwick remains in custody tonight.