Reddit user posts genius hack for making old sneakers look new


FOX NEWS - Every runner relishes those first few months of new-shoe bliss when the undercarriage traction is pristine and the supportive foam is springy for optimal forward motion. Too bad that perfection is so fleeting — or is it?

Reddit user PartyxDirtyDan recently revealed a genius hack for helping preserve the foam common on athletic sneakers. All you need, he writes, is a blow-dryer and, of course, your shoes.

On Sneakers, a SubRedditor for sneaker fans, he shares that applying hot heat from a blow-dryer onto creased sneaker foam for about a minute per section can help reduce creases from routine wear.

“Switch off on the areas you work on to make sure you don’t melt the glue on the outsole and upper,” he writes, explaining that he used the approach on his Acronym Prestos. “I just did a few rounds on each spot and it turned out great.”

However, he warns not to touch the hot areas or else you risk leaving an imprint.

“Heat does all the work,” he writes. “Just watch the creases disappear.”