Residents along Fox River might have to evacuate as river crests Tuesday

ALGONQUIN, ILLINOIS (Fox 32 News) - Days of rainfall gave way to flooding after historic rises in the levels of the Des Plaines and Fox Rivers, and Sunday, Gov. Bruce Rauner gave the area around Algonquin a look to assess the damage there.
Along the Fox River, the water level has already surpassed its banks. Officials will be keeping an eye there in the coming days.
At Dan Prokop’s home along the river, sandbags were in place as an overflowing river slowly crept its way toward his property.
Prokop said it took hours of effort and preparation, but his family was ready for the Fox River to crest at record levels in the next couple days.
“We've been stacking since Wednesday and even when we haven't been putting [sandbags] out here, we've been going to the neighbors,” Prokop said.
Rauner, who was in Prokop’s neighborhood touring some of the damage already caused by river overflow, observed the rivers rise as he stood with state emergency officials and heard the concerns of residents.      
“Hopefully it's going to not get too bad over the next couple days. It's nice to have the governor here, for sure,” said Rebecca Brewer, an Algonquin resident.
Days of heavy rainfall that began last week is causing already historic rises in water levels to both the Fox and Des Plaines Rivers.
In Lake County, officials said the Des Plaines River is the highest it’s been in 31 years and is expected to crest in the coming days.
Days after signing disaster declarations for Kane, McHenry and Lake Counties, Rauner, speaking with volunteers at an Algonquin public works facility as more sandbags were packed, said he was adding northern Cook County to that list.
Other state officials said evacuations along the Fox River could be imminent, saying that decision would be made “closer to the crest” which is expected Tuesday.