Toni Preckwinkle denies 'dog whistle' in discussing Lori Lightfoot's sexuality

Lori Lightfoot and some of her supporters say they fear Toni Preckwinkle's praise for Lightfoot's openness about her lesbian lifestyle could actually be a signal to anti-gay voters.

However, Lightfoot's own campaign website features a prominent photo of her walking with wife Amy Eshleman, and describes Lightfoot as "an out and proud black lesbian." 

So, Preckwinkle's recent praise for Lightfoot as a gay role model was not news to any voter who's paying attention. However, Lightfoot and her allies are linking it to Preckwinkle's relentless attacks.

“We can take them at their word that it wasn't intentional,” said State Representative Kelly Cassidy, (D). “The effect was to some -- I mean I found about it from folks who heard it in that way.”

Preckwinkle called that "ridiculous," pointing to her own pro-gay rights record. And, with one poll showing Lightfoot with a huge lead, Preckwinkle's not calling off the political attack dogs.

“I think it's important to, as I said, to point out the differences between me and my opponent,” said Preckwinkle.