Two missing on the DuPage River in Shorewood

The Troy Fire Protection District  plans to return to the DuPage River Monday morning at 8am to search for two people who have been missing since Sunday evening.

A man and woman were last seen near the dam on the river located off Route 52, just east of Route 59 around 5 p.m. Sunday. It's unclear how the two wound up in the water, whether they were on their own or whether they had been in a personal watercraft. 

When firefighters arrived, they spotted the man and jumped in to try to pull him out, but once in the water, they couldn't locate the man.  

Fire Chief Andrew Doyle said one firefighter had to be treated for minor injuries at the scene. Doyle said the terrain near the dam complicates things, and the water has varying depths.

People who live in the area say it's not a good situation for anyone to find themselves in, even in good weather. But on a chilly March day like this, it's potentially fatal.

Brad Knapkiewicz says he fishes on the DuPage River.  "People do a lot of fishing, a lot of kayaking, but you're not supposed to go over the dam, the actual little water part. And, there's a sign about a half mile down telling you to get out of the water. But, some people don't get off. Some people like to go over it," said Knapkiewicz.

Divers called off their search at 9pm Sunday and intend to go back out on the water at 8am Monday.