How to get noticed in the workplace in 2024

Companies are expected to cut costs a bit more in 2024. The average pay increase in 2023 was 4.7% while the average increase in 2024 is projected to be closer to 3.8%. Personal finance professor Dan Roccato shared some tips for standing out in the workplace.

UAW strike: Talks continue between union and automakers

Around 13,000 American autoworkers walked off the job Friday after their union was unable to agree on a new contract with Detroit's automakers. That number could jump dramatically if a deal can't be reached soon, part of an ongoing strike that could have a major impact on the economy.

President to pitch 'Bidenomics' in Chicago

President Joe Biden is stopping in Chicago Wednesday to promote his plan for the nation's economy. The administration is calling it "Bidenomics." Biden and Harris plan to rebuild the economy from the middle out and the bottom up as opposed to the top down.