102-year-old Chicago man thrives on love of sailing

He's known as Chicago’s oldest mariner, and he doesn't plan on giving up sailing anytime soon.
“Every summer, weather permitting, I love to go sailing,” said Ed Stein.

Stein's love for sailing stretches back almost a century. He's 102 years old. He began sailing as a teenager, while growing up in the South Side Beverly neighborhood.

“There are a lot of other sports, golf, tennis, other things, but this is another choice,” said Stein.

It's a choice that has led to his once being named Yachtsman of the Year, and Commodore of the Columbia Yacht Club and the Chicago Yachting Association.  

He's also a leader in the Sea Scouts program, which introduces youngsters to the benefits of sailing. 

“It's challenging, it's relaxing and it’s a good way to socialize with some of your friends,” said Stein. 

Stein was at the lakefront this weekend for the Commodore Stein Regatta, held every year in his honor. The water was little rough, so he stayed on shore and the Regatta itself was eventually cancelled. 

Earlier in his life, Stein ran the family business, making attaché cases and briefcases; he and his wife also raised two daughters. However, he spent so much time on the water, that his wife gave his boat a special name.
“The name of the boat is Doghouse Four. I guess the only answer to that is that when I’m in the boat sailing, I’m always in the doghouse,” said Stein.