16 years later, vigil held for missing Chicago sisters

FOX 32 NEWS - Sixteen long years have passed since sisters who played together - disappeared together. Diamond was 3 years old and Tionda was 10 the last time the Bradley family saw them alive.

On Thursday, extended family members held a vigil in their honor at Taylor Park in Bronzeville.

On this sad anniversary, Chicago police told FOX 32 there's nothing new to report. It's still classified as a missing persons' case, but that hasn't changed into something more, which gives the family hope.

Blue stars, floating to the unknown -  like sweet little Diamond and Tionda Bradley, their family hopes to someday find out where these sisters landed.

“You know god's got a plan and you know i"m very into god , so one day he'll reveal what really happened,” said sister Victoria Bradley.

Back in 2001, Victoria was just 9 years old when her sisters, Diamond and Tionda, disappeared from their home in the Oakland neighborhood. Every July 6th, a rush of memories return.

“Tionda loved to dance. diamond loved jumping from couch to couch, just all good memories make me wanna cry. I know i shouldn't think about it,” said Diamond Bradley

As family mark this tragic annivesary at Taylor Park, there are tears but also joy.

“Lord if you would just look upon this family right now lord, that you would look upon wherever diamond and tionda might be God.”

The girls' mom Tracey Bradley and others at the vigil wore pink for Diamond and Tionda.

“My heart says that deep down that they are still alive.they are somewhere out there,” said Tracey Bradley, victims’ mom.

As social media has grown over the years, Tracey says she often finds herself searching face after face online.

“Yes, yes, all the time, all the time,” said Tracey Bradley.

So many years later, so many questions remain. Tionda wrote her mom a note that day, saying they'd gone to school and to a store. She also left her mom a message, asking if she should open the door to someone named George.

Chicago police say they do consider this a cold case at this point, because there are no new leads.