7-year-old Chicago boy wakes up on school bus to find he's all alone

FOX 32 NEWS - A Chicago mother is demanding answers after her 7-year-old son, who was supposed to be dropped off at school after a field trip, was left on a bus at 19th and Spaulding.

The 7-year-old fell asleep after a trip to a museum in downtown Chicago. When he woke up, no one was on the bus and he was over a mile away from his school in a neighborhood he doesn't know.

7-year-old Teontaye Williams was excited about his field trip with his Herzl Elementary class. After a fun morning, it was time to head back to the school on West Douglas Boulevard in the Lawndale neighborhood.

"We got on the bus and I went to sleep. Then when I woke up, I thought it was still people on the bus, but everybody left me,” said Teontaye Williams.

Alone and frightened, Teontaye managed to open the school bus door and walk out onto 19th and Spaulding, more than a mile away from school.

"The bus driver, he was in somebody's house. And then I asked somebody, I asked a stranger can I use her phone to call my mom,” Teontaye said.

Two women spotted Teontaye getting off the bus and he used one of their phones to call his mother.

"I actually was crying because my baby was on the other line crying and confused because he was by himself,” said Marquittia Williams.

Marquittia Williams filed a report with her son's school. She was told those involved in this mishap would be disciplined.

FOX 32 reached out to Chicago Public Schools and they stated CPS is investigating this very serious incident. It went on to say, "We have banned the driver from working for CPS and will fine the bus company the maximum amount under our contract, as well take any additional appropriate disciplinary action based on our findings. We are grateful for the Good Samaritans who assisted the student and contacted the proper authorities."

"That's still not enough because what if those two ladies wasn't there with their phone? My baby would have been lost. They didn't even know my son was missing until he called me. I informed them that he was missing,” mom said.

Williams wants other parents to know what happened to her son.

“How many more times would this happen? How many more times? If it happened once, it'll happen again,” mom said.

Williams told FOX 32 the school bus company told her the driver was being suspended for three weeks without pay.

FOX 32 reached out to the company, but the owner has yet to get back to us.

CPS says the company will be fined the maximum, which is $10,000.

Mom says she may not let her son go on another field trip after this.