Chicago Christian High School teacher accused of sexual misconduct with male students

FOX 32 NEWS - A teacher at the Chicago Christian High School in Palos Heights has been suspended indefinitely after allegations surfaced that she was involved in sexual misconduct with male students.

The allegations against a female teacher in her 20's came to light on Saturday because one of the boys bragged about his involvement with her and word got back to the school administration.  Police were notified immediately and investigators are now talking to the families of boys who may have been involved.

Chicago Christian High School he school sent a letter home to parents saying the teacher was suspended for sending sexual content to more than one boy. She also may have engaged in sex with more than one of the students.

The news has rocked the school. One senior who asked not to be identified said he was heartbroken by the allegations and he said many people at this small school seemed very depressed this week.

Palos Heights Police said it is very early in their investigation and they are still trying to sort out who's telling the truth and who might just be bragging. But they are taking the matter very seriously. Detectives have not confiscated the teacher's phone and at this point have no proof she was sexting any of the students or had sex with any of them either.

DCFS has been called in and has launched its own investigation. Police said the alleged sexual misconduct goes back to at least December, but may have started before that.

In the letter sent home to parents this week, the interim superintendent asked for prayers for the students and families impacted by the allegations as well as for the suspended teacher and her family.