Chicago native in Florida: 'You can shovel snow; you can't shovel water'

ORLANDO (Fox 32 News) - Chicagoans who have moved to Florida are riding the hurricane rollercoaster and trying hard to reassure family back home.

"I guess I exchanged blizzards for hurricanes," said Florida Highway Patrolman Julian Burgos. "Expect the worst but hope for the best, that's what we've been telling people."

Burgos said his family in Chicago has been checking in with him every hour.

Chris Duesler is a White Sox fan who moved from Buffalo Grove to the Florida Keys not to long ago. He was evacuated to Orlando. He's trying to remain positive.

"I'm on 30 foot stilts so hopefully my house is now lake shore property," he said. "Maybe the value will go up."

It's strange for this Midwesterner to face hurricanes instead of snow.
"Well you can shovel snow you can't shovel water, and I'm not used to 100 an hour mile winds," he said. "It's an experience. I'll check this off the bucket list."