Chicago officials want to demolish house where 9 kids found unattended

befuddledsenses | Flickr

Chicago officials want to demolish a dilapidated home owned by the family of a former alderman on the city's South Side where nine children were found left unattended last weekend.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a court hearing is scheduled for Thursday. Officials say they've tried for years to get the Reverend David Coleman and his daughter, Democratic committeeman Stephanie Coleman, to fix the building after an inspection revealed missing floors, exposed wiring, stripped plumbing and other problems. They say repairs haven't been done. 

David Coleman -- the ex-husband of former Alderman Shirley Coleman -- says he's been fixing the building but "squatters" ruined it.

Last Sunday, police found nine children -- the youngest 3 months old -- inside the building. Authorities are investigators neglect allegations.