Dangerous heat ruins homecoming for suburban high school

The high temperatures made eight students sick at a homecoming parade in Berwyn, and now the school is canceling the dance Saturday night.

Seven of the eight students were taken to a hospital.

Hours earlier during a pep rally, the concern started when Morton students say one of their female classmates, a cheerleader, fainted.

“I saw her get carried by the guy, and then the guy puts her on the floor and we were all wondering what happened. Then we see her laying down and she wasn't moving,” said Alberto Castillo.

“It was pretty traumatizing because, I wouldn't say I’m close to her, but I’ve talked to her a few times. It’s pretty crazy to see someone faint out during one of their performances,” said Juan Nino.

It happened around 3 o'clock Friday afternoon when about 10 ambulances were called to the school after a group of students began to show signs of heat exhaustion.

The day was full of homecoming activities, including an afternoon parade walk of about 2 miles with kids walking and riding floats between Morton East and West.

But with temperatures reaching into the 90's, school staffers say plenty of water and a nursing staff were no match for the heat.

The heat is also causing the homecoming dance to be postponed. A lack of air conditioning made the move necessary.

The dance has been re-scheduled for next Saturday.

FOX 32 has not yet received word about the condition of the kids transported to hospitals.