Dog breaks away from owner on walk, takes herself to daycare for some fun

A panicked dog owner thought the worst when her beloved Izabella ran away.

But apparently the Malamute just wanted a little fun and ended up walking to daycare.

Izabella had an adventurous day that saw her winding her way through busy Northside streets, before ending up at the Canine Social Club.

“She's my baby. She's 15 months old,” said owner Linda Zimmer.

Zimmer tells the story like this: she and Izabella were walking very early Tuesday morning when the dog slipped from her harness. She then ignored Zimmer’s calls to return and kept going, before showing up and walking inside the Canine Social Club with another dog and owner.

The two were eventually re-united.

“Very emotional. I was crying because I didn't know what had happened to her,” Zimmer said.