Eerie image has Sansom Park owners convinced store is haunted

A spooky sight spotted on surveillance camera is the latest in a series of reported paranormal activity at a Sansom Park grocery store, just northwest of Fort Worth.

Mohammed Hammad is a physics kind of guy. He believes in hard numbers, facts, and a reason for everything. But a ghostly image caught on surveillance video outside his Samson Park store just after 7:30 p.m. Monday has him baffled.

"After seeing that video, I would say it's haunted,” he said. “There's no explanation for it. It's like supernatural."

The questionable image on the surveillance video appears to float from left to right and then disappears into the wall.

Mohammed's brother, Ahmad, was working the store. He also has no explanation for what he saw.

"I saw that video,” Ahmad said. “It's not a fog or smoke. I don't believe in this stuff, but…”

Ahmad says there were no cars passing by at that moment, so he doesn't think it was smoke. It was dark, making it hard to make the argument it was a shadow.

“The shadow hits the wall from this side, and we have a light directly on this side,” Ahmad explained. “So if it's a shadow or something, the shadow would disappear with the lights."

Customers seemed to agree with the store’s owners.

“Looks like a ghost to me,” said customer Chris Gilliland. “All I see is just a black form crossing over."

The owners say other weird things have happened at the store like a chair moving by itself and cups spinning on their own. Up until now, the owners have called police after unexplained motion alarms went off.

But since that didn't work, Ahmad said the next people he’ll be calling?

"The Ghostbusters,” he admitted.