Funeral held for ‘happy-go-lucky' girl killed in suburban hit-and-run

A teenage girl was laid to rest Wednesday after she was killed by an accused drunk driver while walking to a suburban school.

On the same day, her suspected killer, 25-year-old Edward Cruz, appeared in court.

Now, the victim's family is trying to deal with the terrible loss.

"They're devastated,” said a spokesman for the family. “It's an absolutely tragic situation for them. They're obviously very upset." 

15-year-old Amira Nairat was walking to Richards High School Monday morning when a car drove into her on the sidewalk, sending her airborne and almost immediately killing her.

"It's the worst nightmare a parent can have sending a child to school and having something like this happen,” said the spokesman. “It's senseless, unnecessary.”

Police say Cruz admitted to drinking all night and into the next morning when he got behind the wheel. Police say he hit two other cars before running down Amira and drove away.

When police eventually pulled him over, they say he was stumbling drunk and slurring his words. He was denied bond.  

Amira was described as a typical kid.

“Eyes bright, her whole life ahead of her,” said the spokesman. “Like any child, she's special. Great personality. Happy. Happy-go-lucky.” 

Now, her family wants justice and asks everyone to keep them in their thoughts.

“Just pray for the family,” the spokesman said. “The best thing anyone can do. Hug your kids because when they go to school or anywhere you just never know anything can happen.”

Cruz's next court date is March 5.