Grandmother of Semaj Crosby says she had nothing to do with her death

New information is out in the murder of little Semaj Crosby, who was found dead under a couch in Joliet Township. Officials say she was suffocated. 

Several people, including Semaj's own mother and grandmother, have been named "persons of interest” in the case. 

Semaj's grandmother and a family friend spoke to the media on Tuesday, wanting to share their story and clear their names - hoping it will bring an arrest and a conviction. 

"I did all I can do, and that's tell the truth, that the only thing I can do, that's the only think I know how to do,” said Darlene Crosby, Semaj’s grandmother.

Darlene Crosby admitted she took a polygraph tests and failed, but she also called the test a hoax. 

Darlene says she saw Semaj on the day she went missing. The little girl was in the front yard, playing and dancing to music. The last time she saw her, her mother, Sheri Gordon, had taken her inside the home to get changed. 

Crosby says Semaj's mother comes back outside and an hour later called out, "where's my baby?"

The search then began and Crosby stayed in her car and drove off looking for her granddaughter. 

Family friend Tamika Robinson says she came over to the house that day too, but never saw Semaj. 

"I’m here because my name has been brought up into something that I don't know nothing about, I feel like I walked into a nightmare the day, I walked around that corner,” Tamika Robinson said.

"I'm telling you that I don't know what happened. I was in my car, I can't see through a house, through wood, through a building, I don’t know what's in somebody else's mind or what they may or may not do,” Darlene said.

The Will County Sheriff's Department says the investigation has taken so long because of a lack of cooperation with the family and their attorneys involvement.