High-tech Girl Scout cookie booth hits the streets of Chicago

FOX 32 NEWS - In the Loop on Tuesday, a first-of-its-kind Girl Scout cookie booth made its debut.

Constructed using a 3D printer and powered by solar energy. The high-tech marketing tool is designed to do one thing: sell more cookies.

Girl Scout cookies may sell themselves, but there are still challenges, especially here in Chicago where extended sunlight and power outlets are often in short supply.

With necessity being the mother of invention, a troop from Homewood turned to engineers at Exelon and said, we've got a problem.

"We go out at night we're selling through the winter months, January through March in Chicago, it gets dark by five o'clock, we need a way to illuminate the booth better, can you help us?" said Betsy Sohren-Jones, Exelon Chief of Staff Corporate Operations.

Help they did! Using a 3D printer and solar panels, they created a booth that not only lights up when it gets dark outside, but the power source enables these young sales people to maintain their cell phones which they use for credit card purchases.

The booth helps with marketing.

“I've seen a lot of people take pictures of it, a lot of people have said seriously, you built that? On busy streets a lot of people have been honking and waving,” said Nina Jones.

And better sales.

“We have to run in and out and in and out getting more cookies for the people who want them,” said Violet Quirke.

Proceeds from this year's sales drive go to the Girl Scouts "gifts of caring program,” delivering thousands of boxes of cookies to wounded veterans as well as other members of our armed forces.

"It’s a taste of home that goes out to them and reminds them that we're thinking about them and we appreciate them,” said Nancy Wright, CEO of Girl Scouts Greater Chicago.

Chicagoland Girl Scouts have delivered 200,000 boxes of cookies to wounded veterans and active service members.

By the way, Thin Mints are still their best seller, and that's despite the fact that they are now completely vegan.