Hot Cocoa and Winter Oreos are finally here

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Oreo has definitely made a thing out of new twists on its classic, creme-filled chocolate wafer cookies and the 2017 holiday cookie varieties seem promising. 

Reviews have been mixed, but mostly positive, of Oreo's past attempts to mix things up with new flavors.

There were Jelly Donut Oreos, which were only sold at Walmart stores for a very limited time in June 2017.

One month prior, Oreos with Pop Rock-like candies celebrated the sparkle of July 4th and simultaneously announced an Oreo flavor idea contest. 

There have been Peeps flavored Oreos, Oreo chocolate bars, Swedish Fish flavored Oreos, and many, many, many more.

Oreo recently tempted sweet-lovers with its mystery flavor, offering $50,000 for one lucky flavor-guesser, but reviews online were less than favorable.

But the night is always darkest before the dawn and Oreo has rebounded with a flavor that sounds like it can't lose.

Hot Cocoa Oreos can now be found on some store shelves, as well as for sale online. That's right, Hot Cocoa Oreos are now for sale.

The flavor may seem self-explanatory, but a deeper dive reveals this cookie may be more than chocolate and creme.

The Hot Cocoa Oreo starts with two of those chocolate cookies we all know and love, and then adds creme to the middle. So far, so good.

But there are two twists between those familiar wafers: First, the white creme has a marshmallow flavor instead of the traditional Oreo creme.

The online food review website Junk Banter says the creme in the Hot Cocoa Oreo is more "candy-like," than a traditional Oreo's creme, or even the Mississippi Mud Pie Oreo, released earlier this year. 

Second, there's a layer of cocoa creme under, (or above, depending on your perspective), the marshmallow creme filling.

But if it's going to be named Hot Cocoa, it needs to live up to the drink's flavor. Twitter will certainly let us know if it doesn't.

If, after all the hype, new flavors just aren't your thing, Nabisco decided to give traditionalists something new they can really get behind: Winter Oreos.

The limited-edition cookies taste like traditional Oreos, but the creme inside is red instead of white. In years past, Oreo has baked wintry scenes onto the cookie faces, but this year they seem to be the standard Oreo cookie wafers.