International tourists ride out the storm in Florida

While millions of Florida residents evacuate, scores of international tourists are stuck throughout Florida, many of them in Orlando.  They were hoping to experience the happiest place on Earth, but what they'll get may be far from it.

Instead of meeting Mickey, they are getting an up close and personal encounter with Irma.  Their flights have been canceled and they are forced to prepare for an experience they never dreamed of.

Izabelle Lime of Brazil was supposed to be soaking up the sun with friends on South Beach.

"We received information from the hotel to evacuate Miami Beach and our flight was cancelled so we decided to move to Orlando." said Lime. "I never thought to visit Orlando before, because I'm afraid of roller coasters."

Mark Davis and his family are visiting from Wales.  They've asked a lot of questions and the answers have been just as unpredictable as the storm's path.

“We looked at the news and it's so extreme. We speak to the locals and they just say ‘you'll be ok’ so we don't know how to take it at the moment," said Davis.

Susan Cook walked away empty handed when her tried stocking up on hurricane supplies.

"There's nothing there at all, everything's gone, everything," said Cook, visiting from Liverpool.

Tourists are coping as well as possible remembering that a good sense of humor goes a long, long way.