Lawmaker unveils plan to hike Illinois minimum wage to $15

CHICAGO (AP) - A state lawmaker from Chicago has announced a plan to raise Illinois' minimum wage to $15 by 2022.

Democratic Rep. Will Guzzardi told reporters Monday he'll file legislation within days to incrementally increase the rate over five years. The first hike would bring the $8.25 rate to $9 by 2018. Guzzardi says it'll improve Illinois' business climate and the plan will include tax help for small businesses.

But business groups remain opposed, saying raising the minimum wage increases the cost of doing business, among other things. The bill's fate is also unclear amid a two-year budget impasse that's overshadowed other issues in Springfield.

The bill is among several recent Illinois legislative attempts to raise the wage.

New laws in New York and California will gradually raise the wage to $15.