Man who stopped fight honored in Atlantic City

The man who interrupted a street fight in New Jersey captured in a video viewed millions of times on social media has been honored.

"Whereas Ibn Ali Miller displayed strength, courage and leadership and a positive example to youth," said a City Council member about 26-year-old Ibn Ali Miller who was moved to tears as he was honored during an Atlantic City Council meeting this evening. 

He stood alongside the same two teens he did a few days ago when they were captured on cell phone video squaring off in the middle of the street as a crowd cheered them on to fight.  Miller was walking by and stopped the fight from happening by simply talking to the kids about character and consequences.

The video went viral with nearly 30 million views and more than 700,000 shares. Celebrities Snoop Dogg and Lebron James gave Miller a shout on social media because of what he did.

"A couple of days ago, I was thinking it was cool to fight in front of my friends. I need this fame. It doesn't mean nothing at all, so I want to say thank you again," Mobley said.

Miller praised his mother who was there with him tonight for instilling values in him that help him stay on the right path.

"Think about the best thing that can happen and the worst thing that can happen because either side has consequences," Sabrina Winters said.

Miller hopes others who see the video also learn something about the power of words when dealing with young people.

"They don't need basketball. They don't need dances. They don't need programs to teach them how to do a back flip. They need character building," he said.

After the meeting, Council President Marty Small took the teens and their family out to dinner at Docks Oyster House.

"We've had a our fair share of negativity with political wars, violence, financial issues and everything so this was a good positive light on the city of Atlantic City," Small said.