MLB ballpark stops selling souvenir baseballs after fan throws ball at umpire

File photo of a baseball (courtesy Flickr user Andrew Malone)

MILWAUKEE (Fox 32 News) - A major league baseball park has stopped selling souvenir baseballs.

The signs went up at concessions at Miller Park in Milwaukee on Saturday morning, after a fan threw a ball at an umpire during Friday's game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Marlins.

The umpire, Joe West, was hit in the head. He did not appear to be seriously hurt.

Marlins pitcher Brad Ziegler was outraged. "I hope they file assault charges for whoever just hit Joe West with the baseball. Absolutely ridiculous," he tweeted.

Photos shared on Twitter on Saturday by baseball fans show the park has put up signs saying: "As a safety precaution, the sale of baseballs is temporarily suspended at Miller Park."