Mom wants to find man who saved her son's life

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FOX 32 NEWS - A mother is desperate to find the man who saved her 2-year-old son.

Tuesday felt like any other day for the Graham family. Mary, Madilyn and Noah went to a Subway restaurant on 122nd and Cicero in Alsip.

2-year-old Noah was eating and then he started to struggle with a Dorito.

"I tried to give him a second to maybe fix that and then he started to turn blue and he did one big gasp for air and that was it. He kind of stopped breathing and he looked like he was going to pass out," said Mary Graham.

Graham panicked. She tried to pull Noah out of his stroller.

"I was more worried that I couldn't get him unbuckled and if I can't get him unbuckled in another second is it going to be too late," Graham added. "And I don't know how he got him out, but he did."

The man was at the counter, getting ready to place an order. Mary's daughter, Madilyn ran to the front of the Subway to ask for help.

"He came over right away and he just took over," Graham said. "(He) took my son straight out of that stroller, bent him over his leg and started pressure on his belly, patting him on his back and then the lady that was here started yelling that the baby was breathing. He's screaming, he's crying, he's ok."

Noah had thrown up on the kind stranger. Graham rushed Noah to the bathroom to clean him up and when she came back, the stranger was gone.

"He left?" she asked a woman in the store. "I was like, oh my God. I didn't even get to tell him thank you. Nothing! And then she said, you know some people are here for a reason and not to worry about it too much that he knew what he did. But, still that's my son. You know, he didn't find my wallet, he saved my son's life."

Graham shared her story on facebook, where it's been shared over a thousand times. She just wants the opportunity to thank him and at least offer to pay for his dry cleaning.

The mother also has a message for other parents, advice she will be taking herself. Learn CPR. She plans to learn that and other first aid methods.