New Chicago Apple store finally opens

It’s been almost two years in the making  and millions of dollars later the wait is finally over.

Apple unveiled its new flag ship Chicago store Friday.

The new store is not part of Chicago’s beautiful skyline, but instead it's carved into the new Riverwalk area and many people lined up in Apple fashion to be the first to get a look.

They came from all over, some waiting for hours to be able to say “I saw it first.”

The roof is made of carbon fiber and designed to look like a MacBook, while the walls are made of 32-foot tall glass that give unobstructed views of the surroundings.

The inside of the store where the sales take place is actually hidden from both the street and the river. There’s a huge screen in the middle for presentations, art and product information that backs up to the river, which is definitely an architectural creation in a city that prides itself with some of the best architecture in the world.

Apple says it worked closely with the city in the new design and calls this the most ambitious store so far.

It will be selling its usual products, but will also host community events and a year round education program called "Today at Apple".