Skimmer found on ATM at northwest Indiana bank

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Surveillance image of a person removing a skimming device from an ATM on Sept. 8 at a bank in Portage, Indiana. | Portage police

Authorities are looking for several people wanted for attaching a skimming device to an ATM last week in Portage, Indiana.

Officers were called to the U.S. Federal Credit Union at 3275 Airport Road in Portage for reports that the bank had been “hacked,” according to a statement from Portage police.

Surveillance footage revealed that two males in a white van had placed a skimmer on an ATM on Sept. 3., police said. One of the suspects was described as “light skinned, possibly Hispanic.”

Footage from Sept. 8 showed a light-skinned female in a white Chrysler removing the skimming device, police said. Cards cloned using the device were used in the Hinsdale area.

Police are warning consumers to check for damage, scratch or pry marks, or discolorations around card readers or keypads before using ATMs. Anyone who suspects that an ATM has been tampered with should go inside and alert the bank.