Suspect breaks leg jumping off balcony during burglary, calls 911 for help

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Usually the term "break a leg" means good luck. But for one would-be burglar, it got him apprehended by the police.

Fairfax County police said a woman was moving into a second-story apartment off Archstone Court in Alexandria at around 9 p.m. Wednesday when she left the area for a quick errand. When she came back, she was greeted by a stranger inside her home.

“She opens the door to her apartment and sees the guy standing on her balcony,” said Fairfax County Police Officer Don Gotthardt. “I think she startled him and he jumped off of this two-story balcony and broke his leg.”

The officer said the woman called 911 as the suspect, now identified as 21-year-old Leoul Yosef, tried to get away despite his injury.

“There was snow on the ground, so he is crawling through the snow,” Gotthardt said. “Officers arrive in the area and abruptly find the tracks. They start tracking him.”

As police were busy trying to find the burglar, another emergency call came in. It was the suspect claiming he fell on the ice and broke his leg in the same general area.

“The kind of twist in this story is our suspect who jumped from the balcony then calls Fairfax County Fire and Rescue because he is in pain because of his leg,” said Gotthardt. “The officers get there, they recognize the description. He was wearing all-black carrying a backpack in close proximity to where the burglary just occurred.”

Officers arrested Yosef and police now hope everyone learned their lesson.

“Do the right thing, don't be breaking into people’s houses and maybe you won’t break your leg,” Gotthardt said.

He added, “It's a stressful time when you are moving. Lock your doors, lock your windows and leave some lights on or something. But just be aware.”

Yosef is under guard at a nearby hospital for his broken leg. Even though police do not believe he took anything, once he gets out, he will be charged with burglary.