Taco Bell to open 300-plus new cantina-style locations that serve alcohol


(FOX NEWS) Taco Bell is about to get a little boozier and lot more accessible.

The fast-food chain announced its plans to open around 300 to 350 more locations by 2022, Food and Wine reports. The chain plans to expand by opening more cantina-style locations, especially in urban areas. But these new restaurants won’t be your typical drive-thru — in fact, they won't even have drive-thrus. 

The “urban in-line” stores will be designed to feature open kitchens, digital menu boards and local artwork. But perhaps most importantly, they’ll serve alcohol.

Like the current cantina locations, these new Taco Bell restaurants will offer beer, wine, sangria and Twisted Freezes, slushy drinks with the option to add vodka, rum or tequila. They’ll also feature “shareable” food items like chicken fingers and nachos, according to Eater.

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