Team of porch pirates targeting homes in Bucktown neighborhood

New information is coming to light about a group of porch pirates working together in a crew to steal packages from homes in a single Chicago neighborhood. 

New video shows the thieves in action, targeting homes in Bucktown last Friday. 

One theft is crystal clear. A man pulls up in a minivan and the driver gets out. He almost slips on the snow and ice as he walks up the steps and grabs a small package with his face visible on the camera.

The stolen package was from Brian Brammeier's home. The Bucktown resident's extensive home surveillance system caught not only the theft from his porch, but also from his neighbors' homes. 

The video shows three more suspects run to a van and take off. Brammeier says these thefts were not the group's first crime. 

“They stole a vehicle to be able to commit the crime,” Brammeier said. “We got the plates and they were determined to be stolen. They had coordinated with driving up and down the street, maybe they had caused it.”

This happened Friday afternoon on West Dickens near Hoyne Avenue. Neighbors say at least four homes were hit by the four suspects.

“The fact that we caught not only one, but an organized group, was shocking,” Brammeier said. 

Another angle shows the criminals in the alley. They throw garbage from the minivan and leave the neighborhood. 

Brammeier says there was another rash of thefts about six months ago, and the neighborhood worked together using their Facebook group to help share information. 

“I feel very safe in my community,” Brammeier said. “I think that knowledge helps everyone know what's going on. You feel more comfortable knowing that everyone is sharing this information.”

Chicago police are investigating the reports of thefts.