Uptown residents on edge after two violent attacks just 15 minutes apart

A warning is out in Uptown after two violent attacks occurred just 15 minutes apart.

They happened Wednesday night and one was captured on surveillance video.

40-year-old joe doesn't want to be fully identified as he's still shaken up after a violent robbery. Police released surveillance video of the suspects running away after the robbery on West Bittersweet about 7:15 p.m. Wednesday night.

Joe says the teens followed him right to the front door of his building.

“Then the next thing I know they started punching me and I think it was like three of them punching me and one must have grabbed my wallet and that was the end of it,” Joe said.

But it didn't end there. Fifteen minutes later just a few blocks away on clarendon, a second attack took place.

Yves Malki got surveillance video of the attack as it happened across the street from his home. It's tough to see, but the video shows the moment a 59-year-old man was attacked before the offenders ran off.

“This particular robbery here they didn't steal anything, they just beat him up for the sake of beating him up and kicking him on the ground,” Malki said.

The victim in the second attack on Clarendon was pushed down, landing on a fence and cutting his leg so seriously so he needed surgery.

The robberies come a week after a shooting inside an Uptown Starbucks where one man was killed and two others were hurt, including a 12-year-old boy.